Keep Cool in Fayetteville or Belleville, IL

Keep Cool in Fayetteville or Belleville, IL

Schedule your air conditioning repair at the first sign of damage

Your air conditioning unit is what keeps you comfortable during the blistering summer months. When it's broken, finding that indoor comfort is impossible. Address these problems immediately by getting air conditioning repair service from Funk Heating & Cooling, Inc. From mild issues to severe damage, our HVAC technicians are here to resolve your AC issues.

Schedule your HVAC repair in Belleville or Fayetteville, IL today.

How to diagnose an AC issue

Paying attention to small changes in your unit is key to catching issues before they get worse. When you notice the following signs, it's time to schedule your air conditioning repair:

  • Your unit is blowing out hot air
  • Your unit is leaking water
  • Your unit is making strange sounds

Protect your investment by getting a comprehensive HVAC repair from us.

Are your air ducts giving you trouble? Schedule your air duct repair in Fayetteville or Belleville, IL today.